How to Feed Neocaridina Shrimp Using the 2-Hour Rule?

So you are here wondering how to feed your Neocaridina shrimp properly? Perhaps when you feed the shrimp yourself you’ve noticed that food tends to scatter around the tank, making it difficult to clean up. Or maybe you’re unsure about how much food to give and how often.

The solution is simple: use a feeding dish, adhere to the 2-hour rule, and employ tools like a turkey baster or tweezers for cleanup.

As a shrimp keeper, I’ve had my fair share of challenges. One of my most persistent issues was finding the best way to feed my Neocaridina shrimp. I would drop the food into the tank in the early days, but I quickly realized this method was flawed. The food would scatter, making it difficult for the shrimp to find and leading to a messy tank that required frequent cleaning.

Snowflake Shrimp Food
Snowflake Shrimp Food

Over time, I experimented with different feeding methods and tools. I tried using a feeding dish, which helped contain the food but didn’t solve the overfeeding issue. Then, I stumbled upon the 2-hour rule. This rule suggests that any food not eaten after 2 hours should be removed from the tank to prevent it from decomposing and affecting the water quality.

Implementing the 2-hour rule was a game-changer, but it also presented a new challenge: effectively removing the uneaten food. That’s when I discovered the usefulness of a turkey baster and tweezers. These tools made it easy to remove the uneaten food without disturbing my shrimp or the tank setup.

Over the years, I’ve refined this feeding method, and it’s proven to be effective in keeping my tank clean and my shrimp well-fed. In the following sections, I’ll share more about this method and how you can implement it in your shrimp keeping journey.

This is why you should use a feeding dish
This is why you should use a feeding dish

How to Feed Neocaridina

Step 2: Use a Feeding Dish: Place the food in a feeding dish. This helps to prevent the food from spreading all over the tank and making it dirty. It also makes it easier to remove uneaten food.

Step 3: Introduce the Food: Slowly lower the feeding dish into the tank. Make sure to place it in an area that’s easily accessible for your shrimp.

Step 4: The 2-Hour Rule: This is where the 2-hour rule comes into play. After you’ve introduced the food, wait for 2 hours. This gives your shrimp enough time to find and eat the food.

Step 5: Remove Uneaten Food: After 2 hours, check the feeding dish. If there’s any uneaten food left, it’s time to remove it. This is to prevent it from decomposing in the tank and affecting the water quality.

Step 6: Use a Turkey Baster or Tweezers: To remove the uneaten food, you can use a turkey baster or tweezers. If you’re using a turkey baster, simply suck up the uneaten food. If you’re using tweezers, gently pick up the food.

Old video of when I used to do the 1-hour rule. I now leave the food for 2 hours.

Conclusion: Feeding Neocaridina Shrimp – The 2-Hour Rule, Feeding Dish, and Cleanup Tools

In a nutshell, feeding your Neocaridina shrimp doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You can maintain a clean tank and happy, well-fed shrimp by using a feeding dish, adhering to the 2-hour rule, and employing tools like a turkey baster or tweezers for cleanup.

Remember, the key is to monitor your shrimp’s eating habits and adjust the food portions as needed. Overfeeding can lead to uneaten food, which can negatively impact the water quality in your tank.

Lastly, don’t forget that shrimp keeping is a journey, not a destination. It’s about learning, adapting, and finding joy in the process. If you ever need help or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you can’t reach me here, check out the Aquarium ShrimpOpens in a new tab. Keeping group on Facebook.

Happy Shrimp Feeping!

Food plays an important part in shrimp color

FAQ: Feeding Neocaridina Shrimp

Q. How often should you feed Neocaridina shrimp?
A. The frequency of feeding Neocaridina shrimp can vary depending on the specific conditions of your tank. However, a common practice is to feed them every day or every two to three days.

Q. How long can Neocaridina go without food?
A. Neocaridina shrimp can typically survive for a few days without food due to their ability to consume biofilm, algae, and decaying plantOpens in a new tab. matter in the tank. However, it’s not recommended to leave them without a food source for extended periods.

Q. What is the diet of Neocaridina shrimp?
A. Neocaridina shrimp primarily consume biofilm, algae, and decaying plantOpens in a new tab. matter. They can also benefit from high-quality commercial shrimp food, which provides essential nutrients for their growth and overall health.

Q. How do you feed shrimp in a tank?
A. Feeding shrimp in a tank can be done by placing the foodOpens in a new tab. in a feeding dish and introducing it into the tank. After a period (such as 2 hours), any uneaten food should be removed to prevent it from decomposing and affecting the water quality.

Q. Do you need to feed shrimp in a planted tank?Opens in a new tab.
A. Yes, even in a planted tankOpens in a new tab., shrimp should be fed. While they can consume some algae and decaying plant matter, a balanced diet that includes commercial shrimp food can provide essential nutrients that might not be available from the plants alone.


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